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Dr. Ruhi Khalid Participated as a Panelist at the BPS Annual Conference, 2023, Windsor, UK

Dr. Ruhi Khalid, the esteemed Director of the Institute of Psychology at Beaconhouse National University (BNU), participated as a distinguished panelist at the "Psychology of Women and Equalities" section of the British Psychological Society (BPS) Annual Conference, held in Windsor, UK.

The conference, which took place between 05 July 2023 - 07 July 2023, brought together leading experts, academics, and professionals in the field of psychology to discuss and explore pertinent topics related to gender equality, women's psychology, and social inclusivity.

Dr. Ruhi Khalid's participation in this prestigious event not only highlighted her expertise in the field but also showcased BNU's commitment to promoting academic excellence and groundbreaking research. Her insightful contributions during the panel discussions were well-received and added immense value to the overall discourse.

As a renowned psychologist and advocate for gender equality, Dr. Khalid has been instrumental in promoting progressive research initiatives at BNU's Institute of Psychology. Her expertise encompasses a wide range of subjects, including gender roles, mental health, and the challenges faced by women in different social and cultural contexts.

The BPS Annual Conference is known for being a platform that fosters collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and the advancement of psychological science. Dr. Ruhi Khalid's active participation in the "Psychology of Women and Equalities" section reflects her dedication to creating a positive impact on women's lives through her work and research.

Under Dr. Khalid's leadership, BNU's Institute of Psychology has achieved significant milestones in research and academic excellence, making it one of the most prominent psychology institutes in the region.

The Beaconhouse National University community commends Dr. Ruhi Khalid's outstanding representation and contributions to the global discourse on psychology and gender equality. Her presence at the BPS Annual Conference further reinforces BNU's commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive academic environment that empowers individuals and transforms societies.

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