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Professor Dr. Akmal Hussian's Book Now Available on Amazon

Distinguished Professor of Economics, Beaconhouse National University, Dr. Hussain's book titled "Pakistan, Institutional Instability and Underdevelopment: State, People, and Consciousness", published by Folio Books, is now available for readers worldwide on Amazon.

As an eminent scholar in the field of Economics, Dr. Akmal Hussain's book delves into the intricate relationship between institutional instability and underdevelopment in Pakistan. The book offers profound insights into the state's role, the consciousness of the people, and their collective impact on the country's development trajectory.

The work promises to be a significant contribution to the understanding of Pakistan's economic and social dynamics. Dr. Hussain's expertise and meticulous research are reflected in this treasured piece of literature, which has the potential to enlighten scholars, policymakers, and readers interested in the socio-economic challenges and prospects of Pakistan.

Both the paperback and eBook versions of "Pakistan, Institutional Instability and Underdevelopment: State, People, and Consciousness" are available on Amazon, providing accessibility to a global audience. Readers can find the paperback version at the following link: Amazon Paperback

For those who prefer digital formats, the eBook is accessible at: Amazon eBook

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