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Master of Art Education Exhibition 2023

Master of Art Education Exhibition 2023


The Master of Art Education Exhibition 2023 held at the Mariam Dawood School of Visual Art and Design (MDSVAD) at Beaconhouse National University (BNU) was an extraordinary showcase of innovation in educational research, leaving an indelible impact on all attendees. The exhibition featured the exceptional works of 51 MA AE scholars who demonstrated their unwavering dedication and creativity in redefining the core principles of art education. From thought-provoking research projects to captivating visual expressions, the showcased works encompassed the diverse and multifaceted nature of art education, illustrating its profound influence on society.


Inaugurated by Chairman PHEC, Dr. Shahid Munir, the event saw the esteemed presence of distinguished personalities like Dr. Moeed Yusuf, Dr. Nizamuddin, and Former Chairman PHEC, along with the Dean of SVAD, Prof. Rashid Rana. Their support and encouragement added prestige to the occasion, emphasizing the vital role of educators in nurturing the next generation of artists and learners.


Speaking about the Master of Art Education Exhibition 2023, Prof. Rashid Rana, the Dean of SVAD, expressed his heartfelt admiration for the scholars' remarkable achievements. He remarked, "This exhibition is a true reflection of the scholars' unwavering dedication and creativity. They have fearlessly redefined the core principles of art education by employing innovative approaches and cultivating their own distinctive artistic philosophies. Moreover, their exploration of diverse pedagogies and enthusiastic embrace of meta-learning have undoubtedly sparked a transformative shift in their practice.”


The event was not only a testament to the scholars' talents and hard work but also highlighted the unique nature of the Master of Art Education program at MDSVAD. Designed for education professionals and in-service teachers, this low-residency graduate studies program allows students to pursue a Master's degree without interrupting their careers. The challenging and intensive short-duration residency, combined with off-campus fieldwork during the Fall and Spring semesters, enables education professionals to continue their academic pursuits while maintaining their full-time jobs.


Among the notable exhibits was "Folded Memories of Flood" by Najeeb Jatoi, an Assistant Professor at Aror University in Sukkur, hailing from Sindh. Drawing from his experiences during the devastating floods, Najeeb's work showcased how art and interactive activities helped in the emotional healing of flood-affected children. His art piece, featuring paper boats adorned with photographs of the flood-affected regions, served as a powerful symbol of hope and resilience, touching the hearts of all who witnessed it.


Nazeeha Imran, an Art Educator from Lahore, presented a poignant memory project entitled "Absence of Presence of Grandpa." Through her artwork, she beautifully portrayed cherished memories of making chai and playing chess with her beloved Dadajee. Using tea stains, grains, and personal belongings, Nazeeha captured the bittersweet emotions of remembering a loved one who is no longer physically present but continues to live on through cherished memories.


Sara Asad, an Architect and Educator from Lahore, showcased her exceptional exhibit "Memories as Experience," which explored the transformative power of experiences through the medium of charcoal. With mirrors reflecting memories and creating new experiences, Sara's artwork presented a thought-provoking journey of self-discovery and growth, emphasizing the profound impact of art education on shaping minds.

Shajia Fatima, a sculptor and NCA Rawalpindi teacher, showcased "Mechanical Sandscapes: The Kinetic Exploration of Emptied Gestures" at MDSVAD's Master of Art Education Exhibition 2023. Her innovative use of motors to create and erase patterns on surfaces provokes contemplation on the transient nature of human existence and challenges traditional notions of artistry. This unique perspective added a captivating dimension to the exhibition, reinforcing MDSVAD's reputation for fostering innovation in art education.


The Master of Art Education Exhibition 2023 received well-deserved praise for its organizational excellence and meaningful contributions to the advancement of art education. It underscored the significance of art in shaping minds, inspiring creativity, and fostering personal and societal growth. The event further solidified MDSVAD's reputation as a center for innovation and creativity in education.

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