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Dr. Tahir Kamran Published in The News on Sunday | Importance of the Rule of Law

The News on Sunday published an article by Professor Dr. Tahir Kamran, Head of the Department of Liberal Arts at SLASS, titled "Importance of the Rule of Law" on April 9, 2023.

A brief excerpt is below:

"The right to equal protection of law is a fundamental principle in a democratic society. It guarantees that regardless of an individual’s economic status, ethnicity, religion or political affiliation, they are entitled to the same protection.

The concept comprises three fundamental principles. First, no individual should be punished or interfered with by authorities unless they have violated the law. Second, the law applies to everyone, regardless of their status; no one is above it. Third, a bill of rights is unnecessary because judicial decisions determine the general principles of the constitution and the rights of private individuals."

To read the full article visit:
Importance of the Rule of Law

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