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Belympian 1.0

BNU BELYMPIAN 1.0, a three-day sports festival organized by BNU Sports Department, began on March 17, 2023 and concluded on March 19, 2023. BELYMPIAN 1.0 hosted over 700 sportspersons from various universities from the metropolis of Lahore.

A total of six categories of sports including Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Football and Table-Tennis were featured in the BELYMPIAN this year.

In Badminton, the University of Lahore (UOL) and Forman Christian College University (FCCU) were declared winners in male and female categories respectively. In Basketball, male and female teams from UOL were declared champions. In cricket, FCCU played the finals against Lahore Leads University and stood victorious. In Football, Lahore Leads University was declared champion. The male and female teams of UOL won the Volleyball championship. In Table-Tennis, the BNU home- team and COMSATS University ascended the scoreboard defeating UOL and Superior University respectively. With a massive win in three sports categories, the University of Lahore (UOL) bagged the Best Delegation Award.


BNU Belympian 1.0 was a testament that sports bring people together and promote a lifestyle of health and wellness. We were impressed by the level of sportsperson-ship displayed by all participating teams and hope that everyone who participated had a great time.

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