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When Hope is Lost | Dr. Tahir Kamran's latest in The News on Sunday

Prof. Dr. Tahir Kamran, Head of Department of Liberal Arts, has contributed an article titled " When hope is lost" for the recent edition of The News on Sunday.

Article Excerpt:
"De Gaulle had three rendezvous with history in the old-fashioned sense he loved: in 1940, in 1958 and in 1968. On all three occasions, he saved the French state by sheer theatricality and élan. First, by embodying the French republic in retreat from the Germans; then by seizing power in a republican mode to end the Algerian crisis; and, finally, when he ended the potential chaos of the May 1968 revolt by massing almost a million people on the Champs-Élysées in a counter-demonstration.
When Sartre was to be arrested for civil disobedience, General de Gaulle vetoed the move with the comment that “you don’t arrest Voltaire."

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When hope is lost 

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