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Dr. Tahir Kamran Contributes to The News on Sunday | When hope is lost

Prof. Dr. Tahir Kamran, Head of Department of Liberal Arts, has contributed an article titled " When hope is lost" for the recent edition of The News on Sunday.

Article Excerpt:
"Hope is a curious sentiment. At its peak, it offers joy and ecstasy. When it is deficient, hope can be the bringer of sadness, despair and depression. If hope is extinguished, then, its deficit can be lethal. Hope is said to be the nature talking to us. If it seems that we can do what it needs of us, it gives us a great big carrot: a huge incentive, and the energy to do what it wants us to do: motivation. To be hopeless is to lose all motivation to do what we need to live."

Article Link:
When hope is lost | Political Economy

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