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The Respectable Munshi | Prof. Dr. Tahir Kamran's Latest Piece for The News on Sunday

Prof. Dr. Tahir Kamran has contributed a piece for The News on Sunday  titled "The Respectable Munshi" delving into the roots of the honorific title Munshi.

Article Excerpt:
"The real interlocutor for the company official, thus, was the munsh who was not only a mediator and spokesman (wak l) but also the key personage who could both read and draft materials in Persian and who had a grasp over the realities of politics that men like Warren Hastings, Antoine Polier, and Claude Martin found altogether indispensable. The writer and clerical establishment approximated to an Indo-Muslim bureaucracy that was acquiring some of the attributes of a middle class."

Article Link:
The respectable munshi | Political Economy | thenews.com.pk

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