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An Establishmentarian Democracy | Prof. Dr Tahir Kamran's latest in The News on Sunday

Professor Dr. Tahir Kamran from the School of Liberal Arts contributed an article titled "An Establishmentarian Democracy" to The News on Sunday published on January 22, 2023.

Article excerpt:
"The establishment is generally understood in terms of its bid to preserve the status quo in the name of conventions, rules and regulations. People’s will, reflected in the civilian, popularly elected dispensation, reflects change: a transition that at times controverts the established and entrenched conventions. People’s aspirations never stagnate; therefore, those representing the status quo are always wary of its fluidity. The establishment in Pakistan includes the key decision-makers in the country’s military and intelligence services, national security, as well as its foreign and domestic policies."

An establishmentarian democracy | Political Economy | thenews.com.pk


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