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Mosaic 4 (Special Edition: Ejaz Malik Number) by Mosaic Academy | RHSA

Mosaic Academy announced it's new publication: Mosaic 4 (Special Edition: Ejaz Malik Number) – A Bilingual Book on Ejaz Malik’s work and personality.

Editors: Qazi Ali Ab Ul Hassan & Moona Fazal
Designers: Moona Fazal & Mazahir Hussain
Publication Date: January 2023
For Orders: Email ali_ab_ul_hassan@yahoo.com l 03336004031

Mosaic 4 – A Bilingual tribute to Arch Prof Ejaz Mehboob Malik is an English & Urdu anthology of different writing on Malik’s work as painter, sculptor, calligrapher, interior designer and Architect. Mosaic 4 is featuring Pakistani and international writers, art critic, and poets, who discussed the Malik’s works in detail. Mosaic 4 is edited by Qazi Ali and Moona Fazal, and is designed by Moona Fazal and Mazahir Hussain.

Mr. Ejaz Malik, Professor, Razia School of Architecture, Beaconhouse National University, is a renowned architect, interior designer, painter, and furniture designer.


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