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Usman Sattar Publishes Paper | Intelligent Digital Twin to Make Robot Learn the Assembly Process Through Deep Learning

Mr. Usman Sattar, Assistant Professor at BNU School of Business - Department of Management Sciences has published a research paper with a BBA degree program scholar Ms. Zarmeen Qureshi as a co-author.

Journal: “Lahore Garrison University Research Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology” an HEC approved journal.

Paper Title: Intelligent Digital Twin to make Robot Learn the Assembly process through Deep Learning

The objective of this paper is to utilize deep learning technology to develop an intelligent digital twin or the operational support of a human-robot assembly station. Digital twin, as virtual portrayal, is used to designing, simulate, and optimize the complexity of the assembly system. For testing purposes, a convolutional neural network (CNN) is integrated with a digital twin. It is used for the application of a collaborative robot for an assembly application. Collaborative robots are a new form of industrial robots that are safe for humans and can work alongside humans and have received ample attraction in recent years for the automation of simple to complex tasks.

Paper is available at: http://lgurjcsit.lgu.edu.pk/index.php/lgurjcsit/article/view/219/193

Mr. Sattar has a background in IT in Business and is currently a scholar of PhD Informatics.

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