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Dr. Atif Hassan Publishes Paper in an HEC Approved Y Category Journal

Dr. Atif Hassan, Professor at BNU School of Business has co-authored a research article titled, 'Impact of Job Security, Job Autonomy and Supervisor Support on Employee Psychological Wellbeing: The Mediating Role of Presenteeism In the Employees of Hospitality Industry'.

The article has been published in the latest edition of HEC approved Y category Journal, Governance and Management Review (GMR).

The purpose of this research is to theorize and empirically examine the association between job security, job autonomy, supervisor support, presenteeism, and the psychological wellbeing of the employees of the hospitality industry. This study also measures the impact of presenteeism as a mediator between job security and psychological wellbeing; job autonomy and psychological wellbeing; supervisor support and psychological wellbeing of employees. This is a quantitative research study, using a cross-sectional research design via survey method.

The article can be accessed through the below-given link:

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