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Dr. Qamar Ghaznavi Publishes Article in an HEC Approved Y-category Journal

Dr. Qamar Ghaznavi, Assistant Professor at BNU School of Media and Mass Communication (SMC) has co-authored and published a research article in an HEC approved Y-category Journal.

The article titled, ' The Role of Media in Promoting Physical Education and Sports in Pakistan' has been published in International Review of Social Sciences.

The study explores the role of media in constructing public opinion regarding sports and physical education in Pakistan with findings that sports related content in media presents sports merely as a piece of entertainment with a limited and highly dramatized coverage undermining the true spirit of sports and disregarding its role as a mean of physical fitness and health.

The article may be accessed via the following link: https://irss.academyirmbr.com/paper_details.php?id=932

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