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Farooq Sulehria contributes book chapter

Farooq Sulehria, assistant professor at the Department of Liberal Arts (DLA), has contributed a book chapter to recently published, Partition of India: Postcolonial Legacies (London: Routledge India).  The book has been edited by Amit Ranjan. 

The chapter, titled, Kashmir as Partition’s ‘Unfinished Business’, demonstrates that the official Indo-Pak war-of-words on Kashmir notwithstanding, both these countries have practically co-operated on the Kashmir question. 

The chapter argues that Kashmir remains unfinished business of Partition for two reasons. Firstly because India-and Pakistan mutually want to maintain a status-quo on the Kashmir dispute for strategic reasons. They are not interested in any settlement compromising the present stalemate. 

Secondly, the Indo-Pak policy of maintaining status-quo – hence Kashmir’s continual Partition –  has been abetted by the political failure of Kashmir national struggle in building a secular unity project capable of overcoming ethnic and sectarian divisions.

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