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Ayub Ghauri visits BNU for a Fireside Chat

Ayub Ghauri visits BNU for a Fireside Chat

Ayub Ghauri, Executive Director, Innovation Labs, NetSol Technologies and Head of Nspire (NetSol Technology’s Incubator) visited BNU on Thursday, April  19 for a Fireside Chat in the course of Media Entrepreneurship at the School of Media and Mass Communication.  

In a conversation with students moderated by Mr. Zaeem Yaqoob Khan, Executive Director, Student Affairs & External Relations, Mr. Ghauri narrated the story behind his various entrepreneurial ventures. He emphasized on disruption, ideation and importance of design thinking to test the ideas.  The students were provided a great opportunity to put their respective ideas through a litmus test.

Mr. Ghauri highlighted the keys to success in the ideation stage for an entrepreneur. He brought attention to the importance of finding the “gap” between the service provider and the customer for inspiration for an entrepreneurial venture.  He also stressed upon the need to disrupt the conventional market with innovation and creativity of ideas. Also, he stressed upon the need for students to test their ideas before starting the venture. The students were also motivated by highlighting various success stories of various business ventures.

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