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First PhD Awarded in Applied Psychology at BNU

Mrs. Ayesha Sarfaraz, after fulfilling all the requirements of Ph.D degree, has been awarded the Ph.D degree in Organizational Psychology, from the Institute of Psychology, Beaconhouse National University. Her thesis, conducted under the supervision of Professor Dr. Ruhi Khalid, was titled “Identification, Assessment, and Dispositional Predictors of Work / Family Interface in Pakistani Working Women”. She received positive evaluation from external examiners, Dr. Rose Capdevila, Director of Research at The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK and Dr. Daniel Christie, Professor Emeritus at Ohio State University, USA.

Ayesha Sarfaraz presented and defended her work on 7th September, 2017 at Beaconhouse National University. This was followed by the Viva Voce conducted by Professor Dr. Sarah Shahed and Professor Dr. Ruhi Khalid.

Ms. Ayesha’s research focuses on exploring the construct of work/family conflict and work family enrichment in indigenous context and finding out the relationship between dispositional factors and work/family interface.

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