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Guest Lecture by Dr. Andrew Scheuermann

Guest Lecture by Dr. Andrew Scheuermann

Dr. Andrew Scheuermann - a recent PhD. from Stanford University, an entrepreneur, founder of Arch, and one of the lead founders of StartX startup accelerators in the world – visited Beaconhouse National University on July 19, 2017 to deliver a lecture on “Finance for Entrepreneurs.” The lecture was organized by Directorate of Student Affairs and External Relation (DSAER) with support from the U.S. Consulate, Lahore.

In his lecture, Dr. Scheuermann talked about different financial aspects of entrepreneurship including fundraising and accounting at every stage of venture lifecycle. He also guided students with their specific startup ideas and how they can find the kind of capital for these ventures. He also talked about risk minimizing tactics used by entrepreneur and gave students an insight into how VCs think before investing in a startup.

The lecture was attended by students of Media Entrepreneurship course of SMC as well as students and aspiring entrepreneurs from other department of BNU.

About the Speaker:

Andrew recently finished his Ph.D. at Stanford University and has been deeply involved in entrepreneurship education. Andrew was one of the early team members that built StartX, one of the top startup accelerators in the world. Andrew is skilled in venture fundraising and is one of the 'fundraising architects' in the StartX community to help other founders who have collectively raised over $2B dollars. He also helped start the Stanford Entrepreneurship Network, Stanford startup weekend, and the Accel Innovations Scholars program. Andrew is the founder of a venture-backed company, Arch Systems, in the sensing automation space. Andrew co-wrote a book recently on venture formation and has developed a general model from helping hundreds of Stanford companies.

You can learn more about Andrew on his LinkedIn page

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