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SVAD organized a week-long symposium - 'NothingFest'

SVAD organized a week-long symposium - 'NothingFest'

Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design (SVAD), Beaconhouse National University organized an exclusive week-long symposium, NothingFest, from April 24-28, 2017. The symposium features talks, interactive sessions and performances by prominent personalities including Professor Pervez Hoodbhoy, Jugnu Mohsin, Shahbaz Taseer, Austrian Ambassador Her Excellency Dr. Brigitta Blaha , MD Careem Junaid Iqbal, Jibran Nasir, Zeb Bangash, Ali Sethi, Nadia Jamil and many more.

The symposium was centered on the concept of “Nothing” as it can yield to various possibilities of looking at the mundane, hackneyed and banal concepts of “everyday” in a new aesthetic realm. The speakers, thus, shared their ideas and experiences where nothingness led them do something unique and significant. Junaid Iqbal, MD Careem, talked about how entrepreneurs create everything out of nothing while Shahbaz Taseer recounted his feelings of nothingness while in confinement.

Besides keynote speeches, several talkshops were organized over the course of the week featuring interactive sessions and workshops with artists, designers, academics, and others. NothingFest became hugely popular due to untiring efforts of SVAD’s faculty and students including Event Director Rohma Khan, Program Coordinator Iman Sheikh, and Program Administrator Unum Babar besides others. Dean SVAD Rashid Rana donned the hat of Project Advisor and made sure that NothingFest becomes a stepping stone for SVAD is an attempt to stay abreast of contemporary thought with a broad-based approach to education and knowledge dissemination.

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