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Rashid Rana’s Latest Innovative Project

Rashid Rana’s Latest Innovative Project

Dean Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design, Rashid Rana’s newest creation is not meant to be for a gallery or museum, instead it is a ‘set and concept design’ for Multiverse; a new dance piece by renowned choreographer Wayne McGregor for Royal Opera House London, based on legendary musician Steve Reich’s scores Its Gonna Rain and Runner – a landmark collaboration between leading innovators from three disciplines of contemporary art.

For the execution of project, Rashid Rana has been assisted by the filmmaker Murtaza Ali and Tariq Ali, a BNU graduate. Below are some of the reviews from New York Times, Financial times, Telegraph, Guardian and other publications on the project.

Review by The NewYork Times

Review by Financial Times

Multiverse by Waynemcgregor.com

Featured by The Arts Desk

Reviewed by Independent

Reviewed by Telegraph

Featured by Gramilano

Reviewed by Royal Opera House

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