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IP students volunteered for Alzheimer’s Pakistan

IP students volunteered for Alzheimer’s Pakistan

Students of Institute of Psychology (IP) volunteered for Alzheimer’s Pakistan at the World Alzheimer’s Day Seminar at the Hospitality Inn, on September 29, 2016.

The volunteer group included Tuba Naeem (B.Sc. 7th), Sumbal Waheed (B.Sc. 7th), Muneeb Zuberi (B.Sc. 7th), Mahnoor Shahbaz (B.Sc. 7th), and Saba Shafqat (B.Sc. 5th). They collaborated with the organizing committee of the event in making it a successful event and their services were greatly appreciated.

In addition, students at IP have been actively involved in volunteering services at organizations such as OASIS School for Autism, Fountain House, Amin Maktab, and Punjab Institute of Mental Health, amongst other public and private psychiatric care centers and hospitals.

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