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Shehzil Malik’s initiative “Wall of Tolerance” received accolades from Media

Shehzil Malik’s initiative “Wall of Tolerance” received accolades from Media

Shehzil Malik, an alumna and visiting faculty member at Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts & Design (SVAD), along with a group of youngsters, designed a mural titled "Wall of Tolerance" at Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, Lahore to pay tribute to the victims of the tragic suicide attack at the park on March 27, 2016. The initiative has received accolades from local media and now Forbes has also highlighted this amazing effort for promoting tolerance in the society.

“Recently, a group of youngsters got together to paint a ‘Wall Of Tolerance’ on one of the walls of the park, in a bid to inculcate tolerance, foster love and instill coexistence in a city still lurching from the after-affects of hate and fanaticism,” writes Forbes. Shehzil Malik teamed up with her sister Rohama Malik, Ali Mehdi Zaidi and five other people to paint a beautiful wall which reads “Intahapasandi Ab Nahi” (Extremism No More). The initiative was spearheaded by Democratic Students’ Alliance and included students from LUMS and BNU (Maham Iqbal Boson and Shumyle Haider).

While talking about the project Shehzil Malik (as quoted by Forbes) says, “The design is meant to be a message of love, new beginnings and flowering hope. The patterns at the back are those I see in our buildings, our places of worship, our cultural landmarks, and our houses across the country. We are capable of such love and beauty, and I hope this mural helps us remember that.”

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