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Textile students conducted a workshop at LGS

Textile students conducted a workshop at LGS

4th-year textile students from Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design (SVAD), BNU conducted a workshop at Lahore Grammar School (LGS), Defence branch, to grade 1 students on different human behaviors, expressions and feelings.

Organized into two groups, the first group was taught how to make a pictorial collage out of all the precious items, photos etc. that the students had brought. This particular exercise taught them how colors play an important and direct role in our lives and how they are directly or indirectly connected with them. It also taught them how to arrange materials and make an interesting composition, using the idea of background and foreground. The other group taught the 1st graders how to create masks which had a rotating wheel at the back, changing the expressions of the mouth every time it moved. The students realized how with different emotions the facial expressions changed. They learnt the basic concept of human body language.

It was remarkable and intriguing experience for the textile students as they had to unlearn in order to understand how children perceived different notions and how they reacted. It was altogether was a two way learning process.

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