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SVAD’s grad Ayesha Sultana exhibited solo project at Dhaka Art Summit

SVAD’s grad Ayesha Sultana exhibited solo project at Dhaka Art Summit

A graduate of Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design (SVAD), BNU and a recipient of the Samdani Art Award, Ayesha Sultana exhibited a solo project at the Dhaka Art Summit 2016. The project was commissioned by the Samdani Art Foundation and it was a part of the Solo Project section curated by Diana Campbell Betancourt.

Sultana’s project, “A Space Between Things,” is an ongoing exploration referring the theme of landscape that threads much of her practice. She playfully sculpts material culled from found and reclaimed objects, revealing the transitory and fragile nature of our natural and built surroundings, signifying and revealing distance, movement and space. She draws the viewer into the intrigue she has for the process of making and reconfiguring, and creates an enhanced sense of suspense relating to the possible changes the work could undergo over time or through the hands of the artist. Key ideas of transience, contact, balance, weight, and collapse manifest in gestural arrangements with materials such as wood, metal, fabric, plaster, cement and glass.

Born in Jessore, Bangladesh, Ayesha Sultana did a Bachelor's in Fine Art (2007) and then a Post Graduate Diploma in Art Education (2008). She was part of the first batch of SVAD students on the SAARC scholarship program at UMISAA, UNESCO Madanjeet Institute of South Asian Art. She also taught at SVAD from 2007 to 2009. She received the prestigious Samdani Art Award in 2014. As the recipient of the award, she attended a three-month residency program at the Delfina Foundation in the UK. In this year’s edition of the Dhaka Art Summit, she did not only exhibited a solo project but also participated as a panelist in the session “Cross-Border Art Histories – Bangladesh and Pakistan” along with another SVAD graduate Shimul Saha.

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