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UMISAA Scholar Hanifa Alizada Making a mark on International Art Scene

Hanifa Alizada, a UMISAA scholar from Afghanistan and alumni of SVAD, is exhibiting her work at Gallerie Des Etables, 1 Rue Des Etables, Bordeaux, France from 11-29 December, 2015. Before this, Alizada has exhibited her work in USA, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Italy, Brazil, Senegal, Mexico, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and her homeland Afghanistan.

Born in Ghazni province of Afghanistan in 1989, Hanifa Alizada studied at BNU as a beneficiary of UMISAA scholarship. She graduated in 2012 and ever since then, she has been making a mark internationally with her inspiring artwork. The series “I am the Girl who has learnt,” illustrating Afghan women’s identity, marked the beginning of her art, photography, and videography activities.

Her initial series was inspiring enough to introduce her to international audience and paved her way to continuously exhibit her artworks in solo and groups at home and abroad. In 2012, Alizada has been nominated as one of the top 25 talented young artists in the Imagining our Future Together Competition, which was sponsored by The World Bank. Her work, The Distance Between Us, acquired the highest marks from international jurors. Alizada is also the youngest photographer, who exhibited her work in the World Bank series of exhibition Through The Eyes of A Woman.

Currently, Alizada is an active and passionate associate instructor of photography at the Kabul University. She also conducts art workshops and participates in various cultural and artistic events in Kabul.


Alizada’s artworks are creative mixture of her personal trajectory as an Afghan woman, her environment, and experiences of those surrounding her. Through her art, she questions a social system where standard is a conditioned priority, where any gap or diverging opinion is stigmatized if not suppressed.



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