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ABCD: An Inspiring Session with Munib Nawaz

On 20th November, 2015, students at BNU got a reason to be inspired when one of Pakistan’s leading and most progressive fashion designers Munib Nawaz conducted a very candid yet motivational session titled ABCD: Aspire, Belief, Creativity, Determination.

The session focused on how dreams and ideas are important for achieving success in life. By quoting examples from the lives of world’s most successful people and sharing tidbits from his own life, Munib Nawaz took students to a journey that starts from having a dream/idea and ends on realizing your dream and sustaining the success. He termed aspiration, belief, creativity, and determination as the key factors that help every individual in this journey. Since most of the audience comprised of fashion students, Munib Nawaz shared many insights from the world of fashion design to elaborate on his views. Towards the end, there was a Q & A session after which the famous designer personally met a few students and gave them design tips.


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