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TFT student Neha Nawaz explores new ways of Filmmaking


Neha Nawaz, a 3rd year film making student at Department of Theatre, Film and Television (TFT), is making BNU proud by exploring different ways of film-making. She has recently made a mobile phone film as part of a two-week workshop, Micro Moves: Urban Surviving Strategies in a Mega-City, organized by Annemarie-Schimmel-Haus, German Cultural Centre. The workshop was conducted by German filmmaker, Till Passow.

Neha Nawaz shot her film, My Happiness, at Mehmood Booti with a Motorola phone. Her film was based on the idea of happiness and what it means to different people. While speaking to Express Tribune, she said, “The story one’s telling is what distinguishes a good film from a bad one, regardless of the equipment used in film making.” Neha’s film was received well by audience during the screening.

Before this, Neha has represented BNU in a number of festivals and competitions. She has twice won the award for Best Actress at different film festivals and her short film received second position at Bahauddin Zakariya University’s Zestival 2015 earlier this year.

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