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Zil-e-Batool to exhibit her work in France

Zil-e-Batool to exhibit her work in France

Zil-e-Batool, a UMISAA Scholar and a visiting faculty member at Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts & Design (SVAD), is exhibiting her work in a group exhibition - “Transmission” at Studio411 Galerie, France. The exhibition, which will run from Oct 20th to December 12th 2015, will feature the works of 54 artists from 21 countries. The opening is on 17th of October, 2015 on the same venue. 

Zil-e-Batool will present a neck piece/jewelry as sculpture and two video installations titled as “Kanti.”

Zil has recently participated at the 52nd Sainte Marie aux Mines Minerals and Gems in France. She has also attended the UNESCO Forum to empower women, which was held at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris on 29th-30th June, 2015.


Artist's Note

My first work is the sculptural installation of assorted copper spheres that shows volume of each individual existing in the society, to negotiate the existence.

The other work is video installations. The videos are performed as an act of playing with electric wires by street boys, a usual act happens in the streets of Pakistan as well as in other South Asian countries, is an awareness for the audience to understand the in-depth message that talk shows create just dialogue but without the conclusion of any issue similar in every corner of the world. My act is imitating that play as a critique upon talk shows and the audience, both ignores the core issues facing by the societies though the performance and sculptural neck piece involves the transmission that reflects melodrama, dialog ism, hegemony, patriarchy and above all the engagement of the audience with such talk shows.



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