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Sana Iqbal's art-work makes it to the Coke Museum, Atlanta

Sana Iqbal's art-work makes it to the Coke Museum, Atlanta

An art-work by Sana Iqbal, a student of Mariam Dawood School of Visual Art and Design (SVAD), BNU, has been shortlisted for permanent display as part of an exhibit at the Coke Museum, Atlanta, USA. She has also won a Rs. 100,000 cash award from Coke for her amazing art-work.

In an exhibition held at Alhamra Art Gallery on September 19, 2015, selected art works of students from BNU, NCA, and PIFD were displayed. A total of 13 entries from BNU were selected for the exhibition and participants were given a cash award of Rs. 10,000 each. Sana’s work stood out among all and shortlisted for an exhibition at the Coke Museum, Atlanta. We would like to congratulate Sana on this achievement!


Artist's Note

The evolution of coke into the most recognizable and preferred drink has been neck to neck with the evolution of Pakistan in becoming what it is today. It is indeed a happiness marker which has played the key role in spreading smiles in all parts of this country. In this work I tried to reflect Pakistan's culture and heritage by painting the famous personalities and architectural monuments in detail, on wooden bottles.

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