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FAQ's about School of Architecture

To help you through the application process at Razia Hassan School of Architecture (RHSA), we've assembled some of the more commonly asked questions here. If your question isn't listed here, you are welcome to contact the Admission Office at info@bnu.edu.pk You can also contact our Admission Office at following numbers:

  • 042-38100156 (Ext. 483, 487, 484 & 777)
  • 042-35975704-06 /08/10 (Ext. 483, 487, 484 & 777)
  • 042-35975728 (Direct Line)

  • *Our timings are 10 am to 4 pm (Monday to Friday).

  • What are the essential requirements for getting into B.Arch Program at Razia Hassan School of Architecture, BNU, Lahore?

    1.1 All the academic requirements and pre-requisites as stated in the BNU Prospectus or on BNU website:

    • FA/FSc with at least 2nd Division (min 495 marks) or O Levels in at least 6 subjects and 3 A levels. Advanced subsidiaries ( AS) will not be considered.
    • High School Diploma or International Baccalaureate (IB) result with at least 2.5 CGPA and Equivalence Certificate from IBCC
    • Matriculation ( O Level) and Intermediate ( A Level) equivalence of marks and letter grades is Grades in given in BNU Prospectus 2015

      • 1.2 A strong desire to pursue architectural studies based on a clear sense of purpose
        1.3 Academically established ability to apply oneself, to do hard work, to sustain commitment to achieving targets and goals to the level of excellence
        1.4 Having realistic attitudes towards the affordability of education at a private sector university like BNU


  • Are there any cut off points for marks in FA/FSc or O/A Levels?

    No, there is no pre-set cut off point other than the minimum requirements for being considered as a candidate eligible to apply (as mentioned above).

  • What is the nature of the Admission Test we will be given?

    Through our specially designed multiple choice questions (MCQ’s) we aim to gauge:

    • Your awareness of the world you live in, and your position about the issues that we face from global to national to local levels.
    • Your understanding of the scope of architecture especially its professional, socio-cultural and economic challenges and potentials.
    • The breadth and depth of your knowledge about history in general and history of architecture in particular
    • The role of mathematics, geometry, physical sciences, life and environmental sciences, social sciences, technology in its myriad manifestations, literature, arts, film, philosophy, and comparative religious studies….as catalysts for architecture
    • The extent to which architecture can or should be influenced by politics, economics, bye-laws, trends and fashions, and the rights of clients/patrons’ wishes against the professional judgment of the architect
  • What kind of Portfolio is required?

    As a matter of policy we do not require a portfolio. However, if you do wish to bring some visual (including audio-visual) evidence of your commitment to the study of architecture at Razia Hassan School of Architecture, as long as it does not require any equipment set-up during interview, the Interview Committee may consider it as additional factor in their recommendations.

  • What kind previous and demonstrable skills are required in a candidate?

    Beyond the acceptance of academic eligibility and passing the examination we depend on individual interview by a faculty committee. Through interview we try to gauge the candidate’s observation, recall and expressive skills. We pay special attention to the acuity in recalling the significant dimensions of a personal experience, constructing an engaging narrative and communicating it with clarity and imaginative extensions through word pictures. For example, how would a poet, a journalist or an architect recall a road side accident in their respective frames of thought and emotion? Special attention is paid to how attentively the candidate listens to the questions posed during the interview, and how intelligently, honestly and convincingly does he/she construct the answers.

  • Is a letter of Letter of Reference required from the previous head of the school/institution?

    A letter of reference is not required but if the candidate brings such a letter, the Interview Committee will read it in the light of Entrance Examination results, the interview performance, and the professional/academic credibility of the Referee.

  • Is the decision of need based scholarship independent from merit based scholarship? Can one get both?

    Yes, a student can only apply for both need-based and merit-based scholarship at the time of admission. For further information, visit Fee and Scholarship section on the website.

  • I won’t be in Pakistan/Lahore on the test/interview dates. Can i give the test/interview later?

    There will be a 2nd round of admission test scheduled towards end of August for those applicants whose results are pending. If a student is out of the country he/she can sit for the test in round 2.

  • What makes RHSA-BNU different from other Architecture Programs?

    Please read the Mission Statement of RHSA/ Dean’s Message on BNU website

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