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FAQ's about SVAD

To help you through the application process at Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design (SVAD), we've assembled some of the more commonly asked questions here. If your question isn't listed here, you are welcome to contact the Admission Office at info@bnu.edu.pk You can also contact our Admission Office at following numbers:

  • 042-38100156 (Ext. 483, 487, 484 & 777)
  • 042-35975704-06 /08/10 (Ext. 483, 487, 484 & 777)
  • 042-35975728 (Direct Line)

  • *Our timings are 10 am to 4 pm (Monday to Friday).


  • What is the marking criteria for the admission test?

    The applicants will be marked on the basis of their Booklet, Drawing test, 3D construction test and Interview. The marking panel will first see a student's observation skills, his/her aptitude towards art and design education, and his/her interest/know-how about the discipline applied for. The marking panel will also examine student's behavior with materials and concept of space. In the interview, the applicants will be judged on their confidence, eloquence or any talent that they want to share.

  • How do I select major/post-Foundation studies? Can I change my decision afterwards?

    Yes, students can change their major after foundation year but it is advisable to select a major at the time of the admission test. A panel will sit to review the student’s aptitude for a particular discipline. Entire year’s Portfolio will be seen to come to a decision. Interview/discussion will follow to guide what is best-suited area/major for the student.

  • What is the difference between courses of Textile department and Fashion department?

    Textile design courses focus more on fabric development, such as weaving on loom/off loom, screen printing, tie and dye etc. Designing for the industry e.g. Lawn prints and interior fabrics. In addition, textile courses also allow students to focus on craft revival projects and students are given the liberty to work as fibre artists. On the other hand, Fashion courses focus more on the fashion market. Students are taught to make patterns, cuts, and sew and finish a garment to eventually develop a fashion collection.

  • What makes BNU different from other art universities?

    BNU offers a platform where students’ strengths are nurtured. BNU gives the students an opportunity to discover their inner potentials. It is an institution where dreams can be pursued and ideas can be transformed. BNU does not dictate but brings out the best in each and every individual to pursue a creative career.

  • Is the decision of need-based scholarship independent from merit based scholarship? Can a student apply for both?

    Yes, a student can only apply for both need-based and merit-based scholarship at the time of admission. For further information, visit Fee and Scholarship section on the website.

  • I won’t be in Pakistan/Lahore at the time of test/interview. Can I appear in the test/interview later on?

    There will be a second round of admission test scheduled towards the end of August for those applicants whose results are pending. If a student is out of country, he/she can sit for the test in the second round of admissions.

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