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SVAD Admission Booklet & Test Details

The Admission Test Booklet for Mariam Dawood School of Visual Art & Design (SVAD) can be downloaded from below. Candidates applying at SVAD are advised to read the instructions carefully before filling out the booklet. This test booklet is a part of SVAD admission test and applicants are required to submit it maximum by 23rd September, 2015.

In case of any questions, contact Admission Office at 042-38100156 (Ext. 484 & 777) and 042-35975704-06 /08/10 (Ext. 484 & 777)

Download SVAD Admission Test Booklet


SVAD will have another Aptitude Test on 28th September, details of which can be obtained by downloading below file:

Download SVAD Admission Test Handout - 3rd Round

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