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Symposium on “Behavioral Problems in Children: Diagnosis, Assessment and Management”

Institute of Psychology (IP) arranged a symposium on “Behavioral Problems in Children: Diagnosis, Assessment and Management” on 25th May, 2015. The Keynote speakers were Dr. Nazish Imran, Consultant Child Psychiatrist and Head of the Child Psychiatry Unit at Mayo Hospital, Lahore and Ms Amna Affan Butt, Assistant Professor at IP, BNU.

Ms. Amna A. Butt gave detailed description of presentation of behavioral problems specific to Pakistani cultural context. She also discussed different psychosocial factors that play a significant role in development and management of behavioral problems among children. Dr. Nazish Imran’s presentation was a good blend of theoretical information and practical skills needed to correctly identify and understand different behavioral problems in Pakistani context. The symposium was well-attended by students and was of particular interest of MS clinical and counseling psychology trainees.

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