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Dr. Tariq Rahman’s latest Publications

Dr. Tariq Rahman’s latest Publications

Two books written by Dr. Tariq Rahman have recently been published by Oxford University Press, titled “NAMES: A Study of Personal Names, Identity, and Power in Pakistan” and “A History of Pakistan Literature in English 1947-1988.” Dr. Rahman, Dean of School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (SLASS) and Acting Dean of School of Education (SE) at BNU, is a highly published scholar on language and history.

The book, “NAMES: A Study of Personal Names, Identity, and Power in Pakistan,” is the first scholarly study of personal names in Pakistan and is based on an analysis of names from all over the country, both from the early years and from the contemporary period. The book provides insights into the way identity, ideology, and power are interrelated in Pakistan.

His other book, “A History of Pakistani Literature in English 1947-1988,” is the first history of Pakistani literature written in English. It includes those authors who either migrated to Pakistan or whose work is highly relevant to the themes engaging the writers of the new country in the years immediately before and after Partition. This book covers the course of post-colonial literature in Pakistan and the new course on Pakistani Literature in English that is being taught at universities in Pakistan.

Both the books are available on Oxford bookshops and their online shopping portal:

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