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Architecture Students Document Old Lahore

Architecture Students Document Old Lahore

As part of their Architecture Design Studio course, the students of B. Arch (3rd and 4th year) documented three major sites of old Lahore; Mochi Gate, Temple Road and Nisbet Road. Their work was exhibited on April 02, 2015 at Razia Hassan School of Architecture (SA), Beaconhouse National University. Mr. Rashid A. Makhdoom, an architect and designer from Agha Khan Cultural Service Pakistan along with Mr. Shahid Hafiz Kardar, Vice Chancellor BNU visited the exhibition and appreciated the work of students. Also present on the occasion were Dean School of Architecture, Dr. Gulzar Haider; Professor Sajjad Kausar; and Director Student Affairs and External Relations, Mr. Zaeem Yaqoob Khan.

Supervised by Professor Sajjad Kausar, the project “Conservation- Art of Controlling Change” is aimed towards documenting those sites of the Lahore which are facing deterioration at the moment and proposing ways to conserve them. The work exhibited comprised of Phase I of the project in which students documented sites to their finest details. Phase II will have students proposing their own designs of the sites through which the sites can be conserved.

The students who participated in the project include Affan Ali Athar, Hajira Khushid, Manal Saleem, Zaeema Rehman, Emaan Shah, Muhammad Isfandyar Khan, Nayab Babar, Rida Ahsan, Zahra Malik, Mochi Gate, Xayneb Ali, Navaal Irfan, Ahsam Saulat, Sara Noon, and Amber Shahid.

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