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Crises Intervention Meeting held at Mayo Hospital


Crises Intervention Meeting held at Mayo Hospital

Task force formed by the Health department of Punjab invited professionals from the field of mental health on 6th of January, 2015 to give suggestions regarding measures that can be adopted to deal with the present instable situation of the country. Dr Ruhi Khalid, Director Institute of Psychology and Amna Affan Butt, Assistant Professor, represented BNU at Department of Psychiatry, Mayo Hospital, Lahore. The main purpose of this meeting was to prepare crisis intervention plan for school children after the tragic Peshawar Incident which shook the whole nation. Some of the important decisions taken in the meeting included module development for training mental health professionals, preparing a list of crisis intervention experts and increasing human resource to effectively deal with future catastrophes. Another meeting will be called to evaluate the progress made to accomplish the aforementioned goals.

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