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MDSVAD Alumna Shehzil Malik: Championing Human Rights and Feminism Through Visual Art


Beaconhouse National University takes immense pride in celebrating the remarkable achievements of its alumna, Shehzil Malik, whose journey in the realm of visual art has been nothing short of inspirational. Her commitment to addressing critical issues of human rights, feminism, and South Asian identity through her artistry has garnered global recognition.

Shehzil Malik, a graduate of BNU's School of Visual Arts and Design (SVAD), has carved a niche for herself as a visual artist dedicated to creating meaningful and impactful works of art. With a profound dedication to social change, she employs various mediums, including digital art, publications, and public art, to address pressing societal issues.

Having completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) at BNU, Shehzil went on to pursue an MFA in Visual Communication Design from the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology in the United States, thanks to her Fulbright scholarship. This advanced academic journey allowed her to further refine her artistic skills and delve deeper into the world of visual communication.

Shehzil Malik's commitment to making a difference through her art is exemplified by her involvement in social impact projects. Her contributions extend beyond the canvas as she utilizes her creativity to shed light on issues that matter most. Notably, she was a contributing artist and panelist at the Oslo Freedom Forum in 2019, where her work resonated with audiences passionate about human rights and social justice.


In addition to her advocacy through art, Shehzil has also made a significant impact in the commercial art world. Her role as an art director at Ogilvy & Mather in Lahore allowed her to collaborate with a diverse range of clients, including Penguin Random House, Oxfam, Malala Fund, Marvel, New York Times, GIZ, and Google. Her versatility and talent have made her a sought-after creative force in the industry.

Currently, Shehzil Malik is a Fellow at the Universität der Künste Berlin, where she continues to explore and expand her artistic horizons while engaging with the global creative community.

Beaconhouse National University applauds Shehzil Malik for her outstanding achievements in the world of visual art, her dedication to human rights and feminism, and her unwavering commitment to creating positive change. Her journey stands as an inspiration to current and future students, emphasizing the transformative power of art in shaping a better world.

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