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TFT Graduate Bilal Mughal Participates in Pakistan Theatre Festival 2023

SMC -TFT graduate Bilal Mughal participated in the Pakistan Theatre Festival 2023, held at the Arts Council of Pakistan in Karachi. Bilal participated in the play "Anhi Mai Da Sufna" which was staged by Ajoka Theatre.

He played the role of a young boy who cherished spending his time at "Rango's Adda." The character of Rango, central to the storyline, aspired to attend his granddaughter's wedding in India. However, the bureaucratic barriers, resulting from his Islamic name, deprived him of the necessary visa for this heartfelt journey.

The play successfully captivated the audience, engrossing them entirely in its narrative. The exploration of themes surrounding grief and loss resonated profoundly with the spectators, complemented by the well-placed moments of comic relief within the prologue. The inclusion of live music and on-stage singing enriched the theatrical experience, imparting a novel dimension to the performance.

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