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"A Line that Divides" Exhibition Explores Divisive Symbols with MDSVAD Faculty Participation

The thought-provoking exhibition "A Line that Divides," curated by renowned artist, art critic, and educator Quddus Mirza, welcomed visitors at Canvas Gallery on August 15th. The group show featured 13 artists who tackled symbols of division, including references to the Partition of 1947 and other forms of segregation, offering diverse perspectives through their creations.

Notably, the exhibition boasted the creative contributions of SVAD (School of Visual Art and Design) faculty members Wajeeha Batool, Ayaz Jokhio, and Mahbub Jokhio. Their unique insights added depth to the exploration of divisive themes, blending artistic expression with academic reflection.

The show remained open for viewing until August 24th, providing attendees an opportunity to engage with thought-provoking art that questioned and celebrated the impact of divisions in society.

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