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Dean of School of Education, Dr. Tariq Rehman, Explores the Poetry of Mirza Ghalib on YouTube

Dr. Tariq Rehman, the Dean of the School of Education at Beaconhouse National University (BNU), is bridging the gap between classic literature and the modern digital age through his enlightening vlogs. Dr. Rehman has recently taken to his YouTube channel to delve into the timeless poetry of Mirza Ghalib, shedding light on the symbolism, wisdom, and relevance of Ghalib's works in contemporary times.

Mirza Ghalib, a revered figure in Urdu literature, has left an indelible mark with his poetry that transcends generations. Dr. Rehman's vlogs offer a unique perspective as he deciphers the intricate layers of Ghalib's poetry, unraveling the profound messages and hidden meanings within.

In his vlogs, Dr. Rehman explores the essence of Ghalib's poetry, helping viewers appreciate the depth of his words. He not only analyzes the symbolism but also discusses the wisdom and knowledge encapsulated in Ghalib's verses, making this classical literature accessible to a wider audience.

The relevance of Ghalib's poetry in the modern era is a central theme of Dr. Rehman's discussions. He draws parallels between Ghalib's timeless verses and contemporary issues, demonstrating how the poet's words continue to resonate and offer valuable insights in today's world.

For those eager to explore the world of Mirza Ghalib through Dr. Tariq Rehman's vlogs, the links to his YouTube channel and videos are provided below:

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