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Dr. Tahir Kamran's Insightful Take on Conspiracy Theories in Latest Article

Dr. Tahir Kamran, the esteemed Head of the Department at the Seeta Majeed School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (SLASS), has delivered a thought-provoking perspective in his latest opinion piece, titled "Making Sense of a ‘Conspiracy Theory." This insightful article was published in The News on Sunday on September 3, 2023.

In his article, Dr. Kamran delves into the intricacies of conspiracy theories, shedding light on their unique characteristics. He astutely points out that conspiracy theories often display a deliberate resistance to verification, and they frequently bolster their claims through circular reasoning. Notably, instances where evidence contradicts the conspiracy theory and cases where there is a lack of supporting evidence are both misconstrued as substantiation of its validity. Consequently, the conspiracy theory transforms from a testable proposition into a matter of conviction, rendering it impervious to either affirmation or refutation.

Dr. Tahir Kamran's exploration of conspiracy theories provides valuable insights into the complex nature of these beliefs, which often influence public discourse and decision-making processes.

Read the Full Article at : Making sense of a ‘conspiracy theory’

Beaconhouse National University commends Dr. Tahir Kamran for his continued contributions to intellectual discourse and his dedication to shedding light on pressing societal issues. His work exemplifies the university's commitment to fostering critical thinking and open dialogue in the pursuit of knowledge.

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