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Dr. Ishtiaq Bajwa Publishes in an HEC Recognized, Scopus Indexed Journal

Dr. Ishtiaq Bajwa, an Associate Professor and Cluster Head in Accounting & Finance at the Department of Management Sciences within BNU's School of Business, has recently authored a research paper titled "The Influence of Cyberattack Awareness on Customer Trust and Commitment: Empirical Insights from the Banking Sector in Pakistan." This research has been published in the "Information and Computer Security" journal, a publication recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and indexed in Scopus.


The banking sector has long faced susceptibility to cyberattacks, with recent years witnessing the most severe cyberattack in Pakistan's banking history, impacting a substantial number of debit card accounts from major banks. This study aims to investigate the effects of cyberattack awareness on customers' commitment levels subsequent to these cyber incidents.

This research adopts the commitment-trust theory framework to analyze the interplay between trust, commitment, and the use of online banking services. The study employs partial least squares structural equation modeling to uncover the intricate relationship between customer trust, a consequence of continued online banking usage, and customer perceptions regarding the affirmative cybersecurity measures implemented by banks.

The findings unveil a positive correlation between customer trust in online banking and their commitment to the service. However, a noteworthy discovery is that heightened awareness of cyberattacks has a negative influence on both customer trust and commitment to online banking.

Practical Implications:
This study underscores the significance of proactive communication, transparency, and a robust incident response strategy for organizations aiming to establish themselves as trusted entities while prioritizing the safeguarding of customer information and transactions.

One of the distinctive aspects of this research is the exploration of how cyberattacks within the banking sector impact customer trust and commitment. Furthermore, the introduction of the variable "cyberattack awareness" represents a novel contribution to the field of online banking literature.

The full publication can be accessed at: https://doi.org/10.1108/ICS-11-2022-0179

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