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MDSVAD Aumni Shortlisted for TAF Emerging Artist Award - South Asia 2023

Two of our talented SVAD alumni, Farrukh Addnan and Haider Ali Jan, have been recognized for their outstanding artistic achievements. Both artists have been shortlisted among the top 20 for the esteemed TAF Emerging Artist Award - South Asia 2023, presented by The Arts Family, London.

Haider Ali Jan's remarkable artworks have garnered inspiration and captured the attention of TAF's jury members. Hailing from Lahore, Haider Ali Jan is currently the Program Head in Foundation Studies at the Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design (MDSVAD), Beaconhouse National University. His artistic journey includes participation in international exhibitions, solo showcases, and notable commissions, showcasing his exceptional talent.

Farrukh Addnan, another MDSVAD alumnus, is a Lahore-based visual artist with an impressive portfolio of exhibitions and solo shows. His artistic exploration delves into the genealogical and personal examination of Tulamba, a place of significance in his life. Farrukh's works intricately weave cultural memories into abstract cosmos of archived memory.

Our heartfelt congratulations to both Haider Ali Jan and Farrukh Addnan for their well-deserved recognition as shortlisted artists for the TAF Emerging Artist Award. We wish them continued success and an inspiring journey ahead.

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