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School of Education Alumna Zainab Tariq's Outstanding Achievements Celebrated

Beaconhouse National University (BNU) takes immense pride in celebrating the remarkable achievements of one of its distinguished alumnae, Zainab Tariq, from the School of Education. Zainab's journey of academic excellence has been recognized with a plethora of prestigious awards and scholarships, propelling her towards a promising future in the field of Education.

Zainab Tariq's academic brilliance was acknowledged with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) scholarship for MPhil leading to a PhD, a remarkable accomplishment that reflects her dedication to research and knowledge advancement. Zainab's selection for this esteemed scholarship opened doors to pursue higher education and further her quest for knowledge at the renowned University of British Columbia in Canada.

Adding to her accolades, Zainab Tariq was granted the coveted Pakistan Scottish Scholarship Scheme (PS3) administered by the British Council. This highly competitive scholarship aims to facilitate outstanding Pakistani students to study abroad, fostering international cooperation and academic growth. Zainab's selection for the PS3 scholarship demonstrated her exceptional potential and determination to contribute positively to the field of Education.

Notably, Zainab's academic journey at the University of British Columbia has been adorned with various prestigious awards and recognitions. She successfully achieved an MPhil leading to a PhD from the University of British Columbia, Canada, further solidifying her expertise and dedication to her research area.

Moreover, Zainab made history within the School of Education at the University of British Columbia by completing her Master's of Arts in Educational Leadership and Policy with no revisions in her thesis—a rare and outstanding feat that attests to her scholarly prowess and research acumen.

Zainab Tariq's academic brilliance has been acknowledged through multiple awards, including the Summer Interval Award, University Graduate Fellowship 2020, the Special University of BC Okanagan Graduate Award, University Graduate Fellowship 2021, and the Okanagan Graduate Scholarship. These accolades reflect her consistent commitment to academic excellence and research.

Zainab's academic journey has not been limited to the classroom; she has also actively participated in various roles at the University of British Columbia. As a Graduate Teaching Assistant and Union Observer, she demonstrated her dedication to education and community engagement.

Beyond academia, Zainab has extended her expertise as a Program Support Specialist for the Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies at Sheridan College, Canada, showcasing her commitment to making a positive impact on education and community development.

Furthermore, Zainab Tariq has served as an Educational Consultant for the Higher Education Commission (HEC), contributing her knowledge and insights to further enhance educational initiatives in Pakistan.

The entire BNU family extends its heartfelt congratulations to Zainab Tariq for her outstanding achievements and wishes her continued success in her educational journey and future endeavors. Her contributions to the field of Education are an inspiration to all students and educators, showcasing the impact of dedication and hard work on achieving academic excellence.

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