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Mr. Azeem Amin Publishes in HEC Recognized Journal

Mr. Azeem Amin, Senior Lecturer at SB publishes a research article in the HEC recognized Journal.

Journal Title: International Journal of Management Research and Emerging Sciences

Article title: "Impact of Pester Power and Cultural Factor on Parental Buying Decision: Changing Food Preferences in Pakistan"

"This study's four primary aims are as follows. First, it examines the impact of children's pester power on parental buying behavior, especially regarding fast food demands. Fast food is becoming more popular, especially in advertisements targeting younger people. Second, it looks at cultural variables, especially in the Asian setting, and how parents make fast-food purchasing choices. Third, it examines parents' socioeconomic status, influencing their purchasing decisions. Finally, the shop atmosphere may impact parents' buying behavior (s). A causal link between the independent and dependent variables was established by an exploratory investigation. This study was cross-sectional and usually related to numerical data belonging to variables (independent, dependent) and target groups. The data were gathered via a poll of parents of school-aged children (aged 12 to 18 years). PROCESS macro was used to test the hypothesized framework. The findings demonstrated a sound and robust association between pestering power and parental purchase decisions, both directly and in an in-store setting. Similar to this, there is a strong and positive correlation between cultural traits and parental buying choices, both directly and indirectly via the in-store environment."

Full article can be accessed at: https://doi.org/10.56536/ijmres.v13i2.324

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