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Professor Dr. Akmal Hussian's Recent Book Publication

Distinguished Professor of Economics, Beaconhouse National University, Dr. Akmal Hussain's treasured book titled, "Pakistan, Institutional Instability and Underdevelopment: State, People and Consciousness." has been published by Folio Books.

In the words of Pakistani-American academic, author, poet, playwright, filmmaker and former diplomat Akbar Salahuddin Ahmed, "Dr. Hussain presents a multi-leveled interdisciplinary analysis of instability in Pakistan. He writes with the mind of a trained economist but a heart informed by the verses of Rumi and Ibn Arabi. A must-read for any reader interested in society and change."

The book can be purchased online via the link below: https://foliobooks.pk/product/pakistan-institutional-instability-underdevelopmentstate-people-and-consciousness/

Or writing to orders@foliobooks.pk.

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