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A two-day international conference with the "Fostering Psychological Well-being in the Community" was organized by the Institute of Psychology from March 20, 2023, to March 21, 2023

DAY-1: Scientific Session

The scientific session commenced with a keynote lecture on "Islam, Psychology and Mental Health" by Dr. Aneeq Ahmad, Chair of the Department of Psychology at Henderson State University, USA. It was followed by Presentations on "Women's Marriage Rights in Pakistan" by Ms. Maha Kashif & Mr. Ali Imtiman from the University of London, UK.

The proceedings of the first day were chaired by Dr. Ruhi Khalid, Director Institute of Psychology, and conducted by Ms. Fatima Aijaz. The following papers were presented in the scientific session:

  • The Dark Triad of Personality, Aggression and Impulsivity in Predators of Honor Killing by Dr. Farhat Jamil
  • Relationship between Locus of Control and Health Promoting Behaviours in Pakistani Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Coping Strategies as Mediators by Dr. Amna Butt
  • Repercussions of Learning Difficulties: A Comparative Study by Dr. Maheen Abid
  • Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: An Overview of In-field Training Workshops by Ms. Khadeja Tahir
  • Swimming Against the Tide: Women in the Police Profession by Ms. Bismah Tayyab
  • Spousal Bereavement and Factors Contributing to Post-Traumatic Growth in Elderly Muslim Women by Ms. Iqra Naz

Attendees left the conference feeling inspired and eager for the second day after the enlightening presentations and conversations on many subjects linked to mental health and community assistance. Many participants expressed their excitement about continuing the discussions and learning more about how they can promote psychological well-being in their own communities. Overall, the first day of the conference was a great success, and the attendees were looking forward to the rest of the event.

Day 2: Family Wellbeing and Supporting Children with Special Needs

The conference's second day began with a keynote lecture by Professor Erica Burman of Manchester University, UK, on "Social Issues and Discourse", followed by a workshop on "Family Wellbeing and Supporting Children with Special Needs" led by Ms. Rabia Waqar of the University of Portsmouth, UK.

The goal of the workshop was to shed light on the difficulties faced by families of children with special needs and the approaches that may be taken to promote their well-being. Ms. Waqar emphasized the value of providing these families with a welcoming and accepting environment and the necessity of early intervention and continued assistance.

The workshop was followed by a panel discussion on the theme of "Fostering Psychological Wellbeing in the Community" with Dr. Ruhi Khalid as the session chair and Dr. Amna Butt as the moderator. The panelists included:

  • Dr. Salma Hasan, Head/Professor, Department of Applied Psychology, Government College University
  • Dr. Sarah Shahid, Professor, Department of Psychology, Forman Christian College
  • Ms. Aqila Unbrin, Senior Clinical Psychologist, Punjab Institute of Mental Health

The conference concluded with a vote of thanks by the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Ruhi Khalid. She praised the panelists for their insightful contributions and emphasized the necessity for ongoing initiatives to advance psychological well-being in the community. The session was well-received by the attendees, who appreciated the diversity of perspectives and the practical insights shared by the panelists.

Participants in the two-day conference expressed their gratitude for the excellent presentations and conversations as the conference came to a successful conclusion. For scholars, practitioners, and policymakers, the conference served as a useful forum for the exchange of thoughts and information on a variety of issues pertaining to mental health and well-being. The organizers received acclaim for their efforts in creating a carefully planned and interesting program. The conference was a huge success overall, and it is anticipated that it will inspire further partnerships and endeavors to support community mental health and well-being.

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