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Shibli Numani and Iqbal on the Need for a Modern Muslim Theology | Guest Lecturer by DLA

Department of Liberal Arts, SLASS, organized a guest lecture titled "Shiblī Nu'mānī and Iqbal on the Need for a Modern Muslim Theology" by Dr. Baqi Hassan Syed on Tuesday, Mar 21, 2023.

Baqar Hassan Syed is working at LUMS as a Teaching Fellow.

Baqar Hassan Syed is a scholar of Islamic intellectual history with a primary interest in premodern traditions of Islamic historiography, as well as the reception of these traditions in modern Muslim societies, particularly in colonial and postcolonial South Asia. His research examines the construction, repetition, and re-working of historical narratives in the interest of varied cultural projects in Muslim societies. In his PhD dissertation, “Ibn Khaldūn: His Idea of History and its Reception in South Asia,” Syed studies the ideas of the historian and theorist ‘Abd al-Raḥmāṉ Ibn Khaldūn (1332–1406) in the context of medieval commentarial traditions. He also examines Ibn Khaldūn’s reception in modern South Asia.

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