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Passing of a Cultural Icon | Dr. Tahir Kamran's latest in The News on Sunday

Prof. Dr. Tahir Kamran from the Department of Liberal Arts has penned a eulogy for the late Mr. Zia Muhyuddin titled "Passing of a Cultural Icon" for The News on Sunday on February 19, 2023.

Article Excerpt:

"Merely listening to him opened a process of learning for those interested in the art of locution. He had a great sense while reading a classical text of how to start, where to pause, when to go to a higher pitch and when to scale down to an undertone. He was a one-man institution.

His renditions of Shakespeare’s plays provide us with vivid elucidation of the extent of subtlety that he possessed. Amazing was his ability to read inordinately long passages in a single breath without breaking the rhythm. Before him, only late Zulfiqar Bokhari was known to have that ability. (Zia acknowledged Bokhari as an inspiration.)"

Article Link:

Passing of a cultural icon | Political Economy | thenews.com.pk

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