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Aarish Sardar Reviews School of Tomorrow SVAD Exhibition for The News on Sunday

Review of an exhibition Co-Exist, Co-Exit - The Future was Today at the School of Tomorrow event has appeared in The News on Sunday's Encore, 20th, Nove, 2022 penned by Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Visual Design BNU MDSVAD, Sardar Arish Ali Bhatti.



Rashid Rana and Risham Syed, the curators of the exhibition Co-Exist, Co Exit – The Future was Today, are prolific visual artists and esteemed educators. They brought forth select creative practitioners in the visual arts and design who bridge cultural, chronological and geographic chasms. The exhibition was part of a thought-provoking conference called School of Tomorrow, Guardians of the Future – a brainchild of a far-sighted visionary Kasim Kasuri. It was held at Beaconhouse Newlands Campus. The convention sets standards for acquiring new knowledge to prepare today’s educators and learners as enablers of the future.

In the more overarching schema — the internet of things, technology in its simplest form has added multidimensional tangents for visual communicators to manipulate human emotions and thoughts to explore unprecedented experiences — both neural and sensorial. The technology has significantly impacted dissemination and decipherment in the recent history of meaning-making and its rhetoric. The future isn’t as distant as some of us think.

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