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Making Sense of Banana Republics | Dr. Tahir Kamran Contributes to The News on Sunday

Professor Dr. Tahir Kamran from the School of Liberal Arts contributed an article titled "Making Sense of Banana Republics" to The News on Sunday published on 9th October, 2022.

The article published in the Political Economy section summarizes the etymology and evolution of banana republics.

An excerpt and link is produced below:
"In the so-called banana republics, state institutions and the justice system had been made pliable to the wishes and aspirations of the privileged minority. Most major decisions in the statecraft, implemented by local agents serving the capitalist/ imperialist interests, were taken at faraway centers of the metropolitan world. The law was applied selectively and state institutions could be bullied into submission by the powerful."

Making sense of banana republics | Political Economy | thenews.com.pk

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